Is Covid a Plandemic? Observations on Biowarfare and Bioterrorism, Based on the Ainscough Report.

Edited by E. Adam Jackson

Some physicians and other thought leaders insistently advise the public to accept the virus and vexxine. It would be ignorant, immature, and cowardly for any doctor or advocate to ignore the possibility that Covid is biowarfare and bioterrorism. While understanding the horrors physicians face with this plandemic, and while knowing medical professionals are being spurred on by pharmaceutical promotions appealing to heroic notions, it’s irresponsible to drive patients to take experimental shots without considering that the whole Covid event could be a modern massacre by the most violent and hateful human being on Earth: the so-called “White Man” of the USA.

I’m not talking about all fellow humans of European heritage. Not those who love us and fight for us. I’m talking about the big boss shotcallers, the capitalist racist fascists who have murdered millions of people, the dividers and conquerors who continue to genocide millions in the present time, and will carry on that murderous behavior until we stop them.

This “Pullouts from Ainscough” document is made of 67 highlights from the report, “Next Generation Bioweapons: The Technology of Genetic Engineering Applied to Biowarfare and Bioterrorism”. The “Next Generation” report was published in April 2002 by Dr. Michael Ainscough. The original manuscript is 38 pages; I’ve edited it down to 6 ½ pages. The full Ainscough report is attached. That analysis by a top military doctor details actual capabilities as well as potential capabilities for misused science to attack civilian populations.

The projections made 19 years ago by Dr. Ainscough relate to today’s Covid plandemic, both the virus and the vexxine. The same science that can be used for good can also be used for bad. Ask yourself: Are there any science and medical people out there who could – and would – use genetic engineering to harm so-called “Blacks, African-Americans, melaninated people”?             I believe so. In fact, I know so!

Read the following pullouts to see how the Ainscough Report opens a window from the past to see today’s biological battlefield more clearly.

Pullouts from Ainscough

(I pronounce the name “ains-ko”)

April 2021 AD, Year 26 AMMM

  1. P 1, para 1 & 2 – INTRODUCTION The history of warfare and the history of disease are unquestionably interwoven…disease and non-battle injury take more people out than the combat itself…the most striking example is influenza in WW1, which killed 20 million or more around the world…this was a naturally-occurring event, but what if a country could create a biological agent that could do similar killing? That is the potential effect of genetic engineering being used in biowarfare or bioterrorism.
  2. P 1, para 1- The future is now.
  3. P 3, para 2 – Russian scientists defected in 1989 and that was when the USA learned about the Russian genetic engineering program.
  4. P 4 – Delivery of bio agents can be made through spray tanks; it was top priority to increase lethality and resistance to all known Western antibiotics. There was work on perfecting new strains that would aerosolize well for use in weapons.
  5. P 4, para 3 – The Soviets genetically engineered bacteria and viruses.
  6. P 5, para 2 – In addition to being even more resistant to multiple antibiotics, the super-plague would be non-virulent when stored, could easily be converted into deadly antibiotic-resistant form when needed for weaponization.
  7. P 5, para 4 – Soviets were interested in using genetics/genetic manipulation to produce biowarfare agents. Alibekov was in charge of developing first vaccine-resistant “Tularemia bomblet”.
  8. P 6, para 1 – By 1992 Russians had 52 different bioagents or combination agents.
  9. P 6, para 1 – There was USA Congressional testimony from the Russian Alibekov. The best bio agents had no prevention and no cure. For agents where vaccines existed, antibiotic-resistant or immunosuppressant strains were to be developed.
  10. P 6, para 1- By 1996 Russian scientists improved all three so they could overcome all immune systems and current medical treatments.
  11. P 6, last para – Most astounding genetic engineering research underway to create entirely new life forms…chimeras… insert genes from one virus into another to create an even more lethal virus. Russians taught this technology to scientists from East Europe, Cuba, Libya, India, Iran, and Iraq. 
  12. P 7, para 4- Russians had undertaken research on influence of various substances on human genes. 
  13. P 8, para 1 – American agencies sought a sample of potent Russian anthrax strain. In early 2001 Pentagon made plans to duplicate Russian work and genetically engineer its own modified strain for biodefense purposes.
  14. P 8, – Implications: Bioweapons have been used many times in history. Biowarfare is nothing new.
  15. What is new is the increasing number of states and groups with access to the knowledge or cultures of them. Public records show that Russians used genetic engineering techniques in “their massive offensive weapons program” and that program was designated as “Special Importance”, which was higher than “Top Secret”.
  16. P 8, para 3 – Many top officials didn’t know about or control the genetic engineering programs.
  17. P 8, para 4 – Major General John Parker, commanding general of the US Army Medical Research and Medical Command, acknowledged that “Bioterrorists could just re-engineer diseases such as anthrax to negate the effect of existing vaccines.”
  18. P 9, para 1 – Western experts believe Russian genetic engineering is in its infancy.
  19. The pace of new discoveries in molecular biology makes it imperative to contemplate new biowarfare risks.
  20. The expertise and technology necessary to create new strains of viruses and bacteria is available at most major universities around the world. Some American scientists predict we have 20 years before genetic engineering will effectively make current biological defenses completely ineffective and obsolete against biowarfare attacks. (NOTE: the Ainscough report is 19 years old, so the 20-year projection means today’s world) 
  21.  “Science fiction may become science fact within 2 decades.”
  22. As missile deployment lessened, many Russian scientists were unemployed. There is concern that the knowledge of genetic engineering and even bioweapons themselves were transmitted to “nations of concern” or terrorist organizations. This makes use of bioweapons increasingly likely in major theater wars, smaller scale contingencies, and terrorist events
  23. A bioweapon consists of the biological agent and its means of delivery.
  24. P 9 – Well-funded terrorist organizations may be able to buy the Russian scientists they need.
  25. Genetic Engineering, Bioterrorism, and Biowarfare. Genetic engineering was developed in the 1970s. In the 1980s it became a multibillion-dollar industry.
  26. In the last decade of the 21st century, knowledge of molecular biology increased exponentially. The recent revolution in molecular biology may have unleashed a new threat upon mankind.
  27. RMA=Revolution in Military Affairs. Four elements are required to qualify as RMA: technological advancement, incorporation of this new technology into military systems, military operational innovation, and organizational adaptation in a way that fundamentally alters the character and conduct of conflict.
  28. There are currently multiple RMA in progress. It may take 20-30 years to fully understand the significance of RMAs. It is believed that the next true major threats to our national security will be in information and biological warfare. We are currently ((remember, this was published 19 years ago)) further ahead in infowar RMA than in biowarfare RMA.
  29. P 12, para 2 – Paradoxically, the same biotechnology for developing a new drug or vaccine may be used to develop more virulent ((poisonous)) bioweapons. The same science used to save lives may also be used to take lives.
  30. Following the historical pattern of interaction between warfare and disease, these phenomena of unprecedented biotechnology and terrorists willing to inflict mass casualties will very likely intersect in history. 
  31. The 9/11 attack on the WTC and the Pentagon likely are previews of coming events.
  32. P 14 – Because smallpox was eradicated in the 1980s, any release of even the original form would create devastation with millions of people affected worldwide. The release of a modified version – an “improved” version if you will – would be ominous.
  33. OFFENSIVE BIOWEAPONS CAPABILITIES – The Office of the Secretary of Defense said countries with these capabilities included Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Libya, India, and Pakistan. This may also include Egypt, Israel, and Taiwan.
  34. The USA has defensive capability to develop vaccines, antibiotics, etc. including space suits, vaccines, and antibiotics. Destruction of stockpiles left a hole in the stability to develop vaccines, antibiotics, etc.
  35. P 15 – BIOWAR AND BIOTERRORISM Countries without large powerful armies look for other ways to fight. Warlike countries or forces seek the secrets and capabilities to do damage using germ warfare. In actual battle, use of these weapons has proved ineffectual. There has not been enough knowledge of certain essentials to deploy them reliably. But with recent advances in biotechnology and weaponry, this may change.
  36. P 15, para 2 – Because armies are protected, civilians would be the likely target.
  37. In an attack with a genetically-engineered pathogen, it would take time to discern between a naturally-occurring event or one triggered by sinister motives.
  38. P 16, para 1 – Disease may hide in a familiar complex of symptoms. Doctors might not know what they’re looking at and therefore might have no suspicions. Most doctors have never seen patients with anthrax or smallpox, and few have had training to diagnose the most likely bioterrorism pathogens. For example, one of the US postal workers who died of anthrax in 2001 was diagnosed as having a harmless viral syndrome and released from a physician’s care.
  39. In the initial stages of an investigation, it might be difficult to determine if an outbreak is a naturally occurring event, an act of terrorism, or an act of war.
  40. It is difficult to determine the source or mechanism;  the perpetrators of the USA attack and the source of the anthrax is unknown.
  41. P 16, para 2 – A terrorist attack with a biologically engineered agent may unfold unlike any previous attack. The pathogen may be released clandestinely so there will be a delay between exposure and onset of symptoms. Days to weeks later, when people do develop symptoms, they could immediately start spreading contagious diseases. By that time, many people will be miles away from where they were originally exposed, possibly at multiple international sites. Acutely ill patients may present themselves in large numbers to emergency rooms and other medical treatment facilities. In this scenario, medical professionals would be “on the front lines” of the attack. If the pathogen was highly contagious, medical professional would be on the front lines and if the pathogen was highly contagious, medics would then become secondarily infected.
  42. Hospitals would then become overwhelmed and necessitate quarantine for many people.
  43. There would be a decline in medical professionals. The media would contribute to public anxiety. Civil disorder and chaos may ensue.
  44. SIX PATHS TO ENHANCE BIOTHREATS – Factors: increased use of genetically-engineered vectors ((routes, paths)), growing understanding of both infectious disease mechanisms and immune defense systems.
  45. P 16, para 3 – The biotechnology exists today for some of the following six technologies. Indeed, some genetically engineered agents may have already been produced and stockpiled.
  46. BINARY BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS – These weapons have two components, and the parts get mixed immediately prior to use to form a pathogen. It happens in nature. In the lab, host bacteria and the virulent plasmid ((which triggers the nastiness)) would be set aside separately and then combined at action time.
  47. DESIGNER GENES – Genome sequences are blueprints for making microorganisms more harmful. Genetic codes are now known. New genes, viruses, or organisms can be developed. Pathogens can be rendered resistant to antibiotics or antiviral agents.
  48. Some bacteria naturally develop resistance to antibiotics. Many antibiotic resistance genes have been identified. Such a gene can be introduced to other pathogens.
  49. A new strain of influenza could be created by hybridization of viral strains, swapping out virulent or synthetic genes. Slightly altering a common virus might be easier than manipulating rare or complicated pathogens.
  50. P 19, para 2 – For bio weaponeers, databases of genomes provide a “parts list” of genes for an “erector set” to design new organisms.
  51. P 19, para 1 – Entire viruses can be created. 
  52. GENE THERAPY AS A WEAPON – The goal of gene therapy is to effect a permanent change in genetic composition of a person by replacing or repairing a faulty gene. Good use of this technology would be splicing genes into bacteria to produce large quantities of human insulin. Or adding a missing gene to prevent symptoms of cystic fibrosis. However, some technology could be subverted to insert pathogenic genes.
  53. P 20, para 2 – There are two classes of gene therapy: germ-cell line (reproductive) and somatic cell line (therapeutic). Changes in DNA with germ cells would be inherited by future generations. Changes in DNA of somatic cells would affect the individual, and not be passed to future generations. Manipulation of somatic cell line are subject to less scrutiny than manipulation of germ cells.
  54. P20, para 5 – It should not be hard to understand that gene therapy may have sinister capability.
  55. P 20, para 6 – If a disease were to be genetically manipulated, current vaccines may not protect against it.
  56. If a medical technique is perfected, similar vectors might eventually be used to insert harmful genes into unsuspecting populations.
  57. STEALTH VIRUSES P 21 – This is a cryptic viral infection that covertly alters human cells (genomes) and then remains dormant for an extended time. A signal by an external stimulus could later trigger the virus to actively cause disease. The mechanism occurs commonly in nature.
  58. Section 4, P 20, para 2 – As a biological weapon, a stealth virus could clandestinely infect the genome of a population. Later the virus could be activated in the target population, or the threat of activation could be used as blackmail.
  59. P 20, para 5 – Oncogenes are segments of DNA that, when switched on, can initiate wild cellular growth and misbehavior – the hallmarks of cancer. Some viruses can indirectly cause cancer. These changes may take years for clinical effect, but the concept may still be considered by bioterrorists.
  60. HOST-SWAPPING DISEASES Section 5 – Animal viruses tend to remain with their hosts. When viruses “jump” species they may cause significant disease.
  61. P 22, para 2 – When this happens naturally, it results in emerging disease. Induced by man, it would be bioterrorism. In the laboratory of inspired, determined, and well-funded terrorists, an animal virus may be genetically modified to infect humans. 
  62. DESIGNER DISEASES – Our understanding has progressed nearly to the point where it might be possible to propose the symptoms of a hypothetical disease and then design or create the pathogen to produce the desired disease complex. Designer genes might turn off the immune system, make certain cells multiply, and divide rapidly ((like cancer)) or the opposite, i.e., initiating programmed cell death (apoptosis).
  63. P 22, para 3 – This futuristic biotechnology would be an order-of-magnitude advancement in biotechnological warfare or terrorism capability. 
  64. P 22, para 5 – Pathogens may be genetically manipulated to enhance aerosol or environmental stability, to defeat current identification, detection, and diagnostic capabilities.

1. Understanding the human genome. There have been reports of biological agents to target certain ethnic groups. Although “biological ethnic cleansing” is a theoretical possibility, most experts are skeptical of this potential.                   ((Note from editor, EAJ: see 2019 article in The Guardian, “Bioweapons designed to kill only people of particular race”, an article associated with Cambridge University)) Bioweapons designed to kill only people of particular race | The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News 

2. Boosting immune systems – Genome sequencing leads to better understanding and potential manipulation of the human immune system.         Dr. Alibekov is working to protect against the use of biological agents. Alibekov is researching mechanisms to boost the immune system in an effort to move beyond “one bug/one drug”. 

3. Understanding viral and bacterial genomes. Creating a minimal genome would be a valuable milestone in genetic engineering. It would prove the capability to create organisms from their blueprint. 

4. Rapid, accurate bio-agent detection and identification techniques and equipment. P 24, para 4 There is a technology that exists that reverses the resistance of some bacteria to some widely-used antibiotics. Biotechnologists need to continually develop better detection equipment, regardless of whether bacteria have been genetically engineered.  

5. New vaccines – The availability of many genome sequences has already led to development advancements in new vaccines for some meningitis and pneumonia bacteria. 

6. New antibiotics and anti-viral drugs. Advances in microbial genomics hold great promise in the design of new anti-microbial drugs.

Bioweapons designed to kill only people of particular race | The Guardia… Scientists warn that humans should be worried about being wiped out by a killer pathogen that is specifically de…
  • CONCLUSION Genetically-engineered pathogens are the “next generation” of biological warfare agents. Evidence indicates that the Russians have genetically engineered biological warfare agents. Ken Alibekov’s original debriefings were so shocking, some military and intelligence personnel preferred to believe that he was exaggerating. As his statement began to be substantiated, however, the reality began to sink in.
  • We don’t know all the specifics. That’s why it’s important we prepare for the unexpected.


For a full, unedited version of the report by Dr. Michael Ainscough:,Center%20to%20provide%20information%20and%20analysis%20to%20assist

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