12 Takeaways From Senator Cory Booker’s Initial Debate Statement of 11/20/19 (23 Years After Million Man March)

By E. Adam Jackson

President of  the Rosebush Production Company

  1. “Bring in more revenue” – Senator Booker, when you pay E. Adam Jackson and the Rosebush Production Company for violating our Brick City copyright and intellectual property, millions of dollars will be brought directly into the community.
  2. ‘Tax cheats” – Senator Booker, you are a proven copyright cheat and it is past time for you to pay the tax of fair compensation for using E. Adam Jackson’s book Brick City without permission. 
  3. “Grow wealth” – Senator Booker, the Rosebush Business Plan was well designed to grow wealth but you stole from the plan and denied fair compensation along with your media pirate crew, led by Benjamin and Levin.
  4. “Entrepreneurs” – Senator Booker, E. Adam Jackson is an entrepreneur and powerful evidence proves that you stole from that business to promote and enrich yourself and your co-conspirators.
  5. “Opportunity to create wealth” – Senator Booker, as in the Rosebush business plan that you and your co-conspirators had access to, our project was designed to profit $1,325,828; yet you and your corporopolitical pirate crew denied us this opportunity through official corruption.
  6. “Raise the wage” – Senator Booker, your criminal action against your Newark constituents was committed by ripping off our copyrighted Brick City book, and this criminal action deprived the musicians and other workers for Rosebush Production Company from raised wages.
  7. “Equal opportunity for all” – Senator Booker, your hypocritical statement is framed by your collaboration with copyright pirates, and pirates do not believe in equal opportunity—they believe in buccaneering as proven in the powerful evidence below.
  8. “We are united” – Senator Booker, who are you united with as you took the most money from the Israeli lobby and conspired with Benjamin and Levin to steal the work of E. Adam Jackson and Rosebush?
  9. “Fund HBCUs” – Senator Booker, I graduated from an HBCU – Morgan State University  – without your untrustworthy help, and then you copied and stole my work while claiming to be a Black Man with a Stanford degree and Rhodes Scholar training, which apparently prepared you to rip off the copyrighted work of an original melnaninated artist.
  10. “Wealth tax is cumbersome” – Senator Booker, again you protect the interests of the rich against the poor just as you assisted in the cover-up of a criminal copyright conspiracy conducted by billionaires such as James Dolan the owner of the Knicks as well as Cablevision, against the copyrighted products of Adam and Rosebush.
  11.  “How we growth wealth in disadvantaged communities not seeing it” – Senator Booker, one way to grow wealth is to protect or prosecute revenue rip-off crews such as your pirate media crew including Forest Whitaker, Marc Benjamin, and Marc Levin.
  12. “Fair just tax where millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share” – Senator Booker, you and your corporopolitical copyright violation crew refuse to pay your fair share for using our copyrighted work and intellectual property without permission.

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