Lyrics “Odd Façade”

odd façade

Lyrics by E. Adam Jackson

Music by Adam Jackson and the Radikal Revolution


in these highly political times, it’s hard to tell the demipublicans from the republicrats

we call that an odd façade, a strange front

it’s a… boom boop …


yeah it’s odd…oh yes, it’s odd, it’s an odd façade

(Verse 1)

detection of election shakiness

illuminati lads and lasses play at passing a test

oh say can you see, we hold evident this mess

democracy or democracess?

the 1% people pool

who regulates, rapes, reaps, and rules

builds on power with political tools

fanatical citizens feel like fools

voters in a country with monster wealth

still catching up to castro in education and health

whatever your views, whomever you choose

in the selectoral college you still might lose

like some third world communistic scandal

hard to handle if you think we are above violent vandals

consider this in the crucible of crystal contemplation (repeat)

this situation is the culmination of the kennedy X king assassination (repeat)


it’s odd, oh yes it’s odd, it’s an odd façade

it’s odd

baby it’s odd, odd whoa

it’s a… boom boop …yeah it’s odd…

(Verse 2)

major party masters, staging both ends of the game

they’re peeing on you, playing you, and passing the blame

demipublican dominators running the shop

this nice cop/mean cop scenario got to be stop

elections with detections of a fraudulent way

plus the associated hatred that happens every day

the revolutionary relevance must be faced

this government must be abolished, and responsibly replaced


because it’s odd, oh yes it’s odd, it’s an odd façade, it’s odd

it’s a… bumba boop boop bow bow baby… it’s odd…oh yes baby it’s odd

odd façade…


Copyright 2016