Lyrics “Bunchabull”



Music by Jiant, Lyrics by Adam


Nine-one-one was evil done/follow the money, find the ones/weapons of mass destruction/makes me wonder 9-1-1

  1. It’s just a bunchabull of which the bush gang is full/ george! / What kind of ca-ca you trying to pull/ that weapons wool/ over the people’s eyes/ major media lies, another soldier dies/ propaganda command brainwashed willing/ enrage em to the stage of engagement in capitalist killing/ the military industrial complex must be thrilling/ they getting the billions / we getting the billing
  1. Follow the money/ find the ones who got it done/ bushes and bin ladens got together, nine one one/ high stakes fake war got the people stunned/ unarmed, harm’s way, foul play, under the gun/ all people rise from the underground, be full and wise/ Brick City, baby/ Radical Revolution/ opening eyes, exposing the lies, on the rise/ they trying to feed us super-sized cow pies
  1. You said that they could hit us/ look out they gonna git us in 45 minutes / now we know you was tryin to shit us/ knee deep in a mess talking bout god bless/ touch your head to the ground and cross and confess/ hope that bargain vest pass the bullet test/ spreading freedom and democracy, give it a rest/ nothing but crusaders on a conquering quest/ the world needs less of the pest of the west
  1. Those straight-up lies about the nuclear threat/ how chronically dishonest can you get / It’s true/ the bush gang profits while we debt / terror bets, toy jets/ no respect for the vet / employ the girls and boys around the world and don’t forget/ read george’s lips and his fingertips as he signs into law the constitutional rip/ with a gold-plated uzi on his hip/ bon voyage/ y’all going on a little trip/
  1. Planted heroin terror, afghanistan/ monumental patches of smack, according to plan/ rummy said he could see the dub m.d. So where/ x on the spot/ he probably put em there/ when he shook the hand of sad-damn/ playing one side against the other with iran/ uncle sam is a sham gotta go bam/ what the mother strawberry say to her kids/ don’t get caught in a jam/
  1. Leave no child behind is a state of mind/ where the people with power play on the powerless kind/ leave no child without their pocket picked/ trying hard to matriculate but they been tricked/ into an amazing maze of educational testing/ while the bush gang’s the ones the feds should be arresting/ you don’t understand? you hooked on peter pan/ my homeland, security plan/ cuffed hands, Bush klan
  1. The way they do that coup thing is really slick/ adolph ain’t got nothin on condi, colon, and dick/ solve the problem buy brick city books instead of so much guns/ y’all claim to love the holy one/ coming on like the huns/ flipping shipping that smack by the megaton / funning with the cunning cun/ making that money mun/ devil doo doo did it & done, cut & run/ powder to the people/ please pardon the pun
  1. Military in schools is one of the tools to play us for fools/ leave no child behind, just used and abused/ are the soldiers gonna be teaching reading, science and math/ or preaching kids to follow/ the murderous path/ pawns of the so-called white man’s wrath/ based on the realization his civilization’s fading fast/ tryin to get away but you got to pay for the past/ devil’s last stand, destroy original man to be the last
  1. Nine one one is a terror-ful joke/ punch line cash and a crash of mankind in mirrors and smoke/ pow went the towers political ends friends that’s all she wrote / now the freethink sinks and the propagan’ plan floats/ beware the dirty bomber all that kind of drama/ no osama just saddam grieved bereaved dads and moms/ you don’t see bush’s family in there do you hell no/ cuz they got pull, they paid in full/ and it’s just a bunchabull

Copyright 2010, Year 15 After Million Man March, E. Adam Jackson