Lyrics “Brick City Express”

Brick City Express

by Carol Puryear & E. Adam Jackson

(Chorus) Oh I… (Break it down)/ I’m gonna get on board (Gonna get up, get up, get up) / I’m gonna get back to you (Get back to me, let me hear let me know!)/ Do what I must do/ (As you do what you gotta do, what you gotta 1-2)

Verse 1

Pulling into the station/ On a nationwide tour/ Havana to Harlem/ Cairo to Cleveland/ Los Angeles to London/ Barcelona to Baltimore/ All the big-time towns gonna build a tent/ Brick City Worldwide, represent full extent/

Attention class, we coming back from the past/ In this lifetime/ Move to first from last/ This lifetime/ Be brave and fast/ And achieve/ Believe me you receiving this icon from an iconoclast/ Screaming to the skies to open the eyes/ Of those raised to believe the devil’s lies/


Verse 2

It’s a new time, time for a new mind/ Brick City rhyme/ Restore respect, secure, protect/ Be strong/ Know right from wrong/ Have no fear, hold the heroes dear/ Kick it into gear and it won’t be long/

Refuse the foolish rule of the cave man/ Keep control of the original land/ Recover/ Redeem/ Respond to situation/ It’s a new time/ Train’s in the station/ This is a musical declaration/ To the beat like Toussaint the Haitian/ Communication from a founding father of the satellite nation/


Verse 3

Brick City/ Border to border, shore to shore/ All positive people be on board/

Million upon million uninsured?/ Congress needs a better plan for the poor/ You know what I’m saying, don’t ignore/ What Billy Paul Paul McCartney say? Someone’s knocking at the door/

Feel that bass/ All in ya face/ Of course you know by now we need to replace/ All about nothing lifestyles with being about it/ On board Brick City Express don’t doubt it/ The train to personal and financial gain/ Invest your best giving the ghetto Brick City name/ World economics/ New player in the game/


Verse 4

Brick City shirts and hats sell well/ Ron Muhammad Gina Cowan/ did it right do tell/ Now we need a sandwich/ Brick City on a bun can you smell/ What I’m saying / Hear what I’m praying / Takin the train to Brick City/ And I’m stayin/

Brick City drivers, Brick City cabs/ Carrying crack victims to Brick City rehabs/ Brick City scientists, Brick City labs/ Brick City boxers/ Throwing Brick City hooks and jabs/ My people/ Let’s be having pats on the back instead of stabs/ Don’t be holding each other back like a bunch of crabs


Verse 5

Breaking it down, kicking it into gear/ This is Brick City Express here/ Expression of newthought newmind/ New people in control of a new time/ Off the plantation / Into the nation/ Brick City/ Pulling into the station/ All desired destinations/ The promised land/ Brick Nation

Comeback against social attack/ Advise to the wise/ Get off that crack/ Stop calling yourself a negative Black/ This is Adam Jack/ Son/ Dot com/ Dropping a bomb/ On all beasts and fake priests at the wall/ What the Garden of Eden is needing/ Adam Jackson making the call/

Demanding democracy USA/ Got freedom of speech/ Got something to say/ Based on the independence declaration/ Abolish this barbaric-ness/ Build a new nation/ Get to the light/ Visualize the sight/ We got to fight with a fist that’s tight/ Come on

Coming back from being black/ Check the dictionary, check the fact/ Nigger Negro & Black is all the same/ 3 ways to say a niggative name/ Brick Citizen is the best way to fame/ You might want to change or add on to your name/ Don’t be ashamed to pass the appropriate blame


Verse 6

I been stoned and I boned and I atoned/ Underground on my own and my skills got honed/ Now I’m coming back to reclaim the land/ With a gun in the one and a book in the other hand/ Crossing burning sands with a band/ The mass underclass must be educated to overstand

Gonna come back from slavery with bravery/ Devil’s on a roll in full control/ And don’t be blaming me/ For the mass underclass condition/ Victims of the devil’s traditional mission/ I love going fishing/ So check out this collective wreck I be dishin/ Come on board/


Verse 7

I’m gonna step up to the plate/ Surpass the strange-ass ways we relate/ With a pre-emptive rhyme for the time to rededicate/ The dominant debate to eradicate/ Make sure y’all get this straight/ That good o-l-l-l-l-d American hate/

Gon steal away to the secret swamp/ Get my weight up & come back & stomp/ Devilish disciples till they dead/ Sleep in their bed/ All racists fascists foolin theyselves/ Sick in the head / You heard what I said/ Don’t be trying to tread on my daily bread/


Verse 8

Say what you say/ Pray as you pray/ Just understand Brick City knows when its time to play/ And to work and to fight/ Whenever non-violence actually works, it’s all right/ Get to the light/ Because blight’s too many people’s plight and they might take the issue into the night

A lil political progress in a form you can digest/ Brick City Express/ That pre-atonement mess is laid to rest when you confess / To get more depressed, just exercise less/ It’s up to you now now/ Have a little happiness/

1/27/03-8 years After Million Man March

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