Lyrics “At the End of The Day”

at the end of the day (inspired by Sister Fard)


who got shot, and who did not/who is hot, and who is not (repeat)


at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done/you gave up your gun but now you need one/

cuz it’s nightfall/ and night riders all/be tryin to destroy brothers on the ball

when the sun goes down, and the moon rise up/ and Christ is confused with the star of the pup

at the end of the avenue, the end of the street/ despotic with narcotics to the federal beat

you gotta come to the table with a skill in your hand/ supply and demand/ bring on the band/being the man/

the end of the age, the end of times/ the end of ignoration and corporate crimes/

every moment of momentum in the aftermath/ the rep of every step in the historical path

revolution, redemption of the radical truth/ it’s barry aaron and ruth/ be saving the youth/ come on


at the end of the day, it’s about the outcome/end of the day: it’s about the outcome (repeat)


at the end, the end my friend/ look around at those on whom you can depend (repeat)


at the end of the day/ shoot, reproduce, make a motion and pray

Lyrics by E. Adam Jackson

Composed by Walter “Wizard” Gilmore

Bass: Christopher “Bassiee” Wall

Guitar: Craig “Mista Rhythim” Mitchell

Keyboard: Strategy #1

Vocals: Queen Ronnell Bey

Winter 2012-17

Summer 2017-22