Walt “The Wizard” Gilmore

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 Walt the Wiz working in studio

Studio Magician

“The Wizard” is a music producer and composer who was born in Newark, New Jersey. He was raised in East Orange, New Jersey.

Walt the Wizard’s musical career spans from 1988 through today. Two of the songs he worked on in the past, “What Would You Do?” and “Best Friends” from the soundtrack for the movie “Life” were nominated for a Grammy Award. Now he is with Rosebush, producing beats like “Cory Booker, Where’s My Motherlovin’ Money?”, “Rebirth of the Earth” both of which can be found on this website under Rosebush Products, as well as the ten splasmodic songs on our new album, “Brick City Streets”. You can contact The Wizard to buy beats or for studio time by clicking on Contact Us in the menu at left.

My favorite songs

  1. “Maggot Brain” – Funkadelic

  2. “Are You Experienced?” – Jimi Hendrix

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