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Strategy #1 photoKeyboards, trumpet, running shoes

Strategy #1 is a soldier of life. Love is his weapon and fitness is his form of victory. He runs about 14 miles every other day. He runs road races with the Slow Pokes club. Strategy #1 also rides bicycles for profit and for basic transportation. Oh, and he loves to play his keyboard as well as the trumpet, and sings too. For lessons, drop him a line at Contact Us.

Name: Dawiyd David L. Shaw

Age: Eternal

Birthday: September 29, 1961

College: Attended Essex County College

Military experience: U.S. Army 1980-86

Military duty: Tactical wiring specialist, played trumpet in U.S. Army Band

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Books: by Malachi Z. York

Favorite Movie: The Great Debaters

Favorite Food: Vegetarian

Favorite Quote: Less is best.

My favorite songs

“I just love music”

My favorite link