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Professor Baya

Artiste Extradordinaire de l’Afrique

Prof. Baya wearing his Gla work.

Professor Baya in his Glalogy workshop

We wrote the description of our percussionist, Professor Sompohi Baya, in French  because he is from Ivory Coast on the continent of Africa — where they speak French. Also, because Professor Baya is an extraordinary artist who is trained and triumphant in painting, sculpture, stonework, ironwork, and more. My favorite works of his are the recycled pieces, made from milk cartons and other materials. I also enjoy his raffia pieces, fashioned using grass mats weaved in his hometown. The creative period of his career that’s happening now, his current artistic directive, is called Glalogy. The “GLA” is what is known to U.S. American culture as the African mask. In Ivory Coast, the Gla is the spiritual connector to the ancestors.  Professor Baya teaches that the European church evolved from the African spiritual system, and this phenomenon is displayed when you take the Gla and turn it upside down. See? The view turns from an African mask to an image of a gothic church. Buy a Baya today! Just click on Contact Us. For more information about Professor Sompohi Baya, go to

 A Brief Sample: The Glalogy Artwork of Professor Baya
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Baya with Shield

Gla Shield


Baya Unification Crown

Gla Crown


Baya Gla Cross

Gla Cross


Baya Double Gla

Cultural Meeting


Raffia Gla

Raffia Gla


Professor Baya wearing a Gla crown

Gla Hoop Crown


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