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 Producer, musician, martial artist

shapeimage_2Jawaad at work in the studio.

Jawaad Muhammad El-Bey was a songmaker whose creations help fuel the Radical Revolution. A strong consciousness of worlds and dimensions lead his rhythms and melodies against the evils of don’t wanna dance and the devil we face in our society. Jawaad was a music maker with awareness as well as a warrior who taught Kenpo Karate. His musical art takes a stand in the beauty of your mind. Jawaad’s share of profits we make from his songs will go to his family.


Name: Jawaad Muhammad El-Bey

Age: 50-sumpn

Birthday: April 15

College: Attended Jersey City State

Major: Education

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite book: Malcolm X & Roots by Alex Haley

Favorite Movie: Coming to America

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Quote: Closed mouth don’t get fed.

Name of His Company:

Soul Patrol

My favorite songs

  1. 1.Knee Deep by Funkadelic

  2. 2.Cosmic Slop by Funkadelic

My favorite links

  1. http://www.free-dr-york.com/free_york_frames.htm

  2. www.houseofkonsciousness.com