Chris “Bassiee” Wall

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Chris “Bassiee” Wall

Musician and Artist

Chris “Bassiee” Wall is an artist who paints in both color and sound. He is also a bass player whose hand-to-mind connection strums an audio landscape for the third eye. Or should I say the third ear? However you hear your music, for your visual enjoyment Bassiee’s paintings are available both in print form and on T-shirts.  In the photo above he’s wearing a Brick City Guyana T-Shirt based on a design he painted and printed by hand in our workshop. Click on “Contact Us” to order the nation you want to wear. Here are some data on Chris Bassiee (Base-ee) Wall. His age: 40-sumpn. Birthday: February 21. Favorite food: Ital. Favorite Quote: To be or not to be. Favorite song: 2112. Favorite Link. To find out more about his art, please click here.


Bassiee Flowers

T-shirt $20


Bassiee Flowers 2

T-shirt $20


Peter Tosh Legalize It

To purchase and see more of Bassiee’s art, please use the Contact Us link.