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(L-R) Ralph Sanders percussion plus, Strategy #1 keyboard, Queen Ronnell Bey vocals, E. Adam Jackson vocals, Craig "Mista Rhythim" Mitchell guitar, Rick Joyce drums, Professor Baya percussion, Rani Sar sax, Jawaad Muhamed El-Bey producer, Chris Bassiee Wall bass
(L-R) Ralph Sanders percussion plus, Strategy #1 keyboard, Queen Ronnell Bey vocals, E. Adam Jackson vocals, Craig “Mista Rhythim” Mitchell guitar, Rick Joyce drums, Professor Baya percussion, Rani Sar sax, Jawaad Muhammed El-Bey producer, Chris Bassiee Wall bass. See Profiles below.

Adam Jackson &

The Radikal Revolution:

Who, What, When, Where, Why


The Radikal Revolution is a band from Brick City Newark NJ.

Adam Jackson is the poet who created the Brick City Movement. Brick City moved the City of Newark to new levels of creativity and entrepreneurism, as the Movement is designed to do around the world.

Ronnell Bey is one of the most respected singers in Newark history. Her vocal and acting skills have carried her around the world.

Keisha Brownsuga is a versatile vocalist whose artistic consciousness brings a dynamic flair to the band. Her voice is classically sweet, sultry, and strong.

Craig Mitchell specializes in the lost art of rhythm guitar. He is a bandleader in his own right who also teaches guitar, drums, and music theory.

Strategy #1 is a soldier of life who sings, trumpets, and plays keyboards. Love is his weapon and fitness is his form of victory.

Chris “Bassiee” Wall is an artist who paints in both color and sound. He is also a bass player whose hand-to-mind connection strokes out an audio landscape for the third eye – or maybe it’s the third ear?

Rani Sar is a versatile musician who plays saxophone, flute, keyboard, bass, drums and percussion. He might play any of those instruments during Radikal Revolution sets, but right now he is mainly our drummer.

Ralph Sanders is a percussionist and visual artist whose bagful of percussion instruments helps him deliver a broad spectrum of sounds. His gongs, drums, whistles, horns, clickers, clackers, do-dads and devices contribute just the right rhythms for our songs.

Professor Baya is a percussionist who is artistically trained in painting, sculpture, stonework, ironwork, and more. He also makes his own instruments by hand, and is the founder of Glalogy theology.

Rob Gosier is an extraordinary solo guitarist. He is also a songwriter and producer who composed the music that became our song, “Brick City Genius.”

Ernest Cooper is is our center-fielder on the drums, swinging sticks to the beat for the good of the team, setting the pace with understanding not out of “left field” but from the deepest parts of the ballpark.

Walter “The Wizard” Gilmore is a music producer and entrepreneur who was born in Newark and grew up in East Orange, New Jersey. Two songs Wizard worked on earlier in his career were nominated for a Grammy Award − now he is producing fantastic music for us at the Rosebush Production Company that became our songs “Rebirth of the Earth”, “At the End of the Day” and “Cory Booker, Where’s My Motherlovin’ Money?”


The musical genre of Adam Jackson & The Radikal Revolution is Jazz-Hop, Rap-and-Rock, Newtime Gospel.


The Radikal Revolution started playing in 2008 A.D.


Our first gig was at Paul’s Lounge on 18th and Stuyvesant in Newark. That was also where, on “Christmas Eve” 2007 A.D., Adam met a drummer named Messiah. He introduced Adam to musicians such as guitarist Craig Mitchell and keyboardist Strategy #1. They became a combo that practiced in Adam’s garage until they came out to play at Paul’s, then moved to years-long engagements at the Lucky 7 Night Club in North Newark and at Sir Richard’s Loft in downtown Newark. Now we are coming soon to a venue near you.


Our purpose is to contribute to the “radical revolution in values” that was called for by Dr. Martin Luther King. We do this by promoting the Brick City Movement and playing songs to raise the consciousness of the masses.

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 Radikal Revolution Profiles

(Please click on names to read more about each artist)

– Adam Jackson, poetry

– Ronnell Bey, vocals

– Mista Rhythim, guitar

– Strategy #1, keys/ trumpet

Chris Wall, bass guitar

Langston Kelly, saxophone

Rani Sar, sax, flute, & keys

– Professor Baya, percussion

 Ralph Sanders, percussion

Rickey Joyce, drums

Jawaad, Producer


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Natural Force video

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