Why Adam Jackson is Suing the Brick City Copyright Infringement Crew

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Original Brick City author sues over copyright

November 1, 2010-16 — Newark, NJ

E. Adam Jackson, author of the book Brick City, has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against a powerful group. Jackson says that the award-winning Brick City series that appears on Sundance Channel is in part an unauthorized adaptation of the text he copyrighted in 1990 and published in book form in 1991.

The defendants are Newark Mayor Cory A. Booker, the star of the series; Forest Whitaker, executive producer; Marc Benjamin and Marc Levin, executive producers/directors; Lisa Durden, associate producer; and top executives from Sundance Channel, Rainbow Media, and Cablevision.

Jackson, who lives in Newark, owns the original copyright among all entities titled “Brick City.” The website of the U.S. Copyright Office, located at www.copyright.gov, confirms that the registration held by Adam Jackson is the oldest of all Brick City works.

Jackson personally handed Cory Booker a book and a business card when he saw him walking near Newark Penn Station. When Jackson discovered that Lisa Durden had a television program on Cablevision called Brick City, he sent her media packages including his book and business plan in hopes of appearing on her show. Even without those contacts, if experienced professionals such as the defendants had conducted a proper search of the phrase Brick City, they would have seen that Adam Jackson held the original copyright. The fact that the Brick City book has been sold at the Source of Knowledge bookstore across Broad Street from Newark City Hall since 2003 also indicates that Jackson’s work was accessible to the makers of the Sundance series.

Jackson believes the similarities between the book and the movie, along with the amounts of money pledged in the movie, the high quality of the advertisements on the show, and reported revenues of the corporations justify the $21,325,828 he demands.

He believes that specific portions of the movie compared with specific parts of the book are clear and convincing evidence that he will use in a jury trial, which he also demands.

E. Adam Jackson says he worked too hard to write, publish, and promote his book to allow the infringement to stand. He said, “If Brick City was good enough to steal, it should have been good enough to make a deal and make it real.”

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