Read about fake news circulated by Cory Booker pirate crew

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Dear Journalist or Public Person,

There are a series of articles going across the country spreading false information about the Brick City Copyright Infringement Lawsuit. The articles attempt to confuse the issue and put me in a bad light.

I won’t litigate the case outside of court. But I am a pro se litigant, representing myself against some very powerful people. This letter contains relevant information that does not tell my whole case but could make a good report for you. Because the case is already being distorted by people connected with at least one of those influential defendants.

This interesting development emerged only about a week into the case – even before I sent out notice to the defendants, the media, or the general public. See the following timetable:

October 18 – I filed the case at the Federal Courthouse

October 26 – someone unknown to me was putting out false info on the case

October 29 – I mailed out the notifications to the defendants

October 31 – I started sending my news release out

It would be interesting to know who is the real source of the articles that started circulating the nation as early as October 26. Again, their propaganda started before I officially notified any defendant or sent my news release.

In general, the articles state that I was suing Forest Whitaker, which is a bit selective, and that the lawsuit was over a trademark issue, which is outright false.

Search the term, ‘Adam Jackson Brick City.’ When I did that, a bunch of articles appeared, spreading false information online from upstate New York to California, from Mississippi and Alabama to Ohio and beyond. Most of the articles said that the information came from

First of all, the information is selective because the respected Brother Forest Whitaker is actually fifth on the list of eight defendants. Second, I purposely did not trademark the name Brick City because I always wanted folks to have access to the Brick City Movement; and I have never said anywhere at any time that I trademarked the name Brick City. Third, where did get the idea that I ever did claim to have trademarked the name?

I found an interesting connection between one of the defendants and a founder of You can look for the connection at

Who’s that in the video section on that page when you scroll down and look under “Chuck Creekmur Videos?” It’s Mayor Cory A. Booker speaking at the Social in Newark, NJ. I’m not saying who started the false information, because I do not know. But it’s fair to say there is a connection between at least one of the powerful defendants and the website cited by many of the false articles as their source. That’s very interesting.

That’s also the proverbial smoke. I would reveal the fire in court. I hope you will report the truth to your audience and associates, contrary to the false information being spread around the Internet: The Brick City Lawsuit is a copyright infringement case. Not a trademark case. It’s a case where I have the truth on my side.


E. Adam Jackson