OJ Will Expose the Killer Cops

OJ Simpson is now free to follow his plan to find the killers. As someone who watched the murder trial almost every day, I know that Det. Fuhrman was a trained Marine killer who admitted hating Africanoid humans, said they could have set people up for murder, was at both the bloody scene and at OJs house, whose DNA is on the glove and who perjured himself. Therefore I believe he is the probable killer and his accomplices include Det. Phil Vannatter who instead of carrying OJs blood sample down the hall to the crime lab, took it 20 miles to OJs house – where investigators later found smudges in the amount missing from the sample tube. I expect OJ to assemble a serious real news journalistic crew and at the end of the day, a giant stone will crumble from the monument of White Supremacy.

Essay: Cory Booker’s Nine Points of Nonsense

“Cory Booker’s Nine Points of Nonsense: E. Adam Jackson Critiques the Writing of His Copyright Infringer.”

Senator Booker used the tragedy of the Mother Emanuel 9 as a framework in nine paragraphs published at billboard.com See http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/magazine-feature/7647946/president-obama-legacy-amazing-grace-cory-booker . Cory Booker set the stage for his adulate advertisement of the Obama Legacy by emotionally involving his audience in the sadness of the church massacre and then, once he took them there, he eloquently lied to his readers.

In paragraph 2 Cory Booker writes about “crises and challenges” faced by great presidents including Kennedy. Then Cory Booker claims that President “Obama spoke to the soul, courage and love of our nation” and that he “re-moralized our nation” and “fixed our compass to true north.”

The fact is that the health status of African-Americans and our other citizens was a greater crisis than even the horrible tragedy at Mother Emanuel, one that Obama could have truly addressed and not just talked about. It’s a major betrayal that Obama did not advocate single-payer health care for the 9 victims from Mother Emanuel Church or anyone else. But Cory Booker hyped about how Obama sang the classic song of a slave-trader who had a guilt complex.

The in-your-face challenge faced by POTUS 44 was to establish a single-payer healthcare system. At the end of the day, Barack Obama refused to do that compassionate act. He didn’t face the issue, he about-faced the issue because first he was for it and then after taking $20 million from the health care industry he was against it. See https://youtu.be/fpAyan1fXCE and https://youtu.be/KtifLTkrBYs

Obama spoke with soul, wrote Senator Booker. But “The Soul of Black Folk” by W.E.B. Du Bois taught us to understand denial or delay of healthcare would be immoral in the face of immediate need.

Obama spoke with courage, wrote Senator Booker. Well, Kennedy’s book “Profiles in Courage” was given to E. Adam Jackson by his fourth grade teacher. To be in that book, Obama could qualify by giving the people single-payer but he did not. Therefore he would not belong there.

Obama spoke with love? Love? The love of Jesus as taught in the Bible would make free universal health care a no-brainer. Looks like the True North of Cory Booker’s and Barack Obama’s moral compass might be confounded by the strange magnetism of Big Health Care’s big money. See http://billmoyers.com/story/reason-booker-big-pharma-dems-no-excuse/

In paragraph 3 Cory Booker says that Obama led so-called “America” “with grace and scandal free dignity.” But Obama’s elegant and smooth denial of healthcare is a scandal waiting to happen, hushed due to major media neglect, public unawareness, and lack of sexual luridness. Amazing Grace indeed.

Amazingly, in paragraph 4 Senator Booker wrote that “Obama has ably led our nation to greater prosperity” when the truth is that President Obama presided over the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in history. See http://robertreich.org/post/72265646495 and http://thefreethoughtproject.com/barack-obama-successfully-rich-richer/. In the same paragraph Cory Booker wrote that Obama “has not allowed us to surrender our values of freedom and compassion” while the truth is that President Obama gave himself the power to act as judge, jury, and executioner of US citizens and he used it. See https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/feb/05/obama-kill-list-doj-memo

None of the Obamaccomplishments pointed to by Senator Booker in paragraph 5 outweigh the President’s failure and flip on single-payer health care. Cory Booker points to the First Family as “helping us as a nation to see each other more clearly” when it is actually free eye care that would help US citizens with their sight.

In paragraph 6 Cory Booker wrote that “This black family in the White House expanded the moral imagination of us all and helped a generation of children from all backgrounds to dream bigger and more inclusive dreams for themselves and their country.” And of course that’s all very nice – but President Obama did not give those young people and their beautiful families free, universal health care.

In paragraph 7 it’s remarkable that the schoolchildren told Cory Booker they want to be POTUS, because then those little presidents would have single-payer health care!

Paragraph 8 finds Cory Booker fluffing his readers down to the floor with pluralized platitudes telling us “…we can achieve impossible things.” But single-payer was entirely possible because President Obama had the votes. See https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2014/12/03/harkin-we-should-have-done-single-payer-health-reform/?utm_term=.67a01a667bd1

The final paragraph of Senator Cory Booker’s essay on Obama is his ninth point of nonsense. The Senator wrote about how President Obama sang “Amazing Grace” and the people sang with him. The heartfelt images of healing at Mother Emanuel are as sobering as the realization that had Barack Obama raised his voice to sing for single-payer, a great chorus would have joined in.

The musical content in Senator Booker’s essay and its publication at Billboard, a strong pillar of the music industry make for appropriate territory to promote our song about Senator Booker and his copyright infringement crew. “Cory Booker, Where’s My Motherloving Money?” can be heard at www.adamjackson.com. It’s based off of a sample from Charles Jackson’s “Love of You” and we’d appreciate contact with Charles Jackson. Thanks and peace. E. Adam Jackson 1/29/17 A.D.







Beware the ObamaCon

Beware the ObamaCon – The love that folks feel for President Barack Obama is being used to make “African-Americans” believe in things that are against the teachings and life sacrifices of not only established leaders like Dr. King, Malcolm X, and a whole wall full of others, but also against the teachings of the major religions that our people tend to believe in, as well as common sense. The US Government and its corporate media are using BHO’s credibility in the community to have people thinking Russia did something to our country over the computer… they keep repeating it and repeating it without proof. As if the Russians hacked into the DNC’s collective mind and convinced them to sabotage Sanders. Citizens are now hearing about war with Russia or about the US doing some revenge back to Russia. I talked to numerous Obamaites who when I asked what the President’s greatest achievements have been, they say affordable health care and affordable college tuition. An basic internet search showed me that President Obama PROPOSED making college less expensive but I found no existing program that does. The President’s Affordable Health Care Act aka Obamacare keeps the health insurance companies in business and in between the people and their health care. Health care shouldn’t just be affordable it should be free. Instead of giving us the universal healthcare in which we are behind the rest of the world – Cuba, Germany, France, England, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Libya and more countries have it. Yet the Demipublicans are play-arguing over our health care while refusing this basic human right to our people. People in the US deserve better and it’s possible to do so but Obama received $20 million from the health insurance companies. President Obama chased off John Conyers’ Medicare For All plan and got paid. The Democrats lost the presidential race all by themselves, and the Obama Administration is mad over that and the fact that their secrecy was uncovered by those such as WikiLeaks, Pvt. Manning and Edward Snowden plus yes, the Russians. Whatever they leaked out was our business that US citizens should know. Obama said he was going to have a transparent administration so why are they going after people because the whistleblowers peeped the US hole card? So I don’t want people I care about getting played to send their kids and students into the wars that could result from these government media untruths, lying just like they’ve been doing for the longest while the government fails to deliver what the people really need… the war maker’s kids rarely if ever get anywhere involved with the killing and getting killed or the physically holding people down in their own countries and destroying their ancient lands for no good reason … in fact using made-up reasons because that is what the bosses of Obama do. I’m going to start a blog. Let’s share future conversation in the Radikal Revolution blog environment to raise our knowledge and community at www.adamjackson.com Thanks and peace


The Baltimore Blowup & the Steel Box

The racist capitalist media politicians and their Democratic civil rights stooges call the rioting masses “thugs” while speaking not a word about the police department thugs whose violence caused the the whole firestorm. Baltimore cops at the Western District Police Station have a long tradition of physical violence against young Afro-American men where they commit assault at the beginning of the arrest and then take the person for a winding little ride through Druid Hill Park to bang their victim up in the paddy wagon as they flop around inside that steel box. Ask me how I know that! Where are the conscious brothers and sisters who understand that it’s time for revolution or extinction, and and that Be More is today’s focal point of backlash against USA genocide of the people? These new times call for response and resistance to the Holocaust of a Nazi replicate regime. I’m looking forward to the day we hear those so-called leaders announce who the real thugs are after an impartial, fair and true investigation so we can truly see that violence won’t be tolerated against others besides the poor public. Let’s see if the U.S. Justice Department talks about The Steel Box.

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