OJ Will Expose the Killer Cops

OJ Simpson is now free to follow his plan to find the killers. As someone who watched the murder trial almost every day, I know that Det. Fuhrman was a trained Marine killer who admitted hating Africanoid humans, said they could have set people up for murder, was at both the bloody scene and at OJs house, whose DNA is on the glove and who perjured himself. Therefore I believe he is the probable killer and his accomplices include Det. Phil Vannatter who instead of carrying OJs blood sample down the hall to the crime lab, took it 20 miles to OJs house – where investigators later found smudges in the amount missing from the sample tube. I expect OJ to assemble a serious real news journalistic crew and at the end of the day, a giant stone will crumble from the monument of White Supremacy.

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