The Baltimore Blowup & the Steel Box

The racist capitalist media politicians and their Democratic civil rights stooges call the rioting masses “thugs” while speaking not a word about the police department thugs whose violence caused the the whole firestorm. Baltimore cops at the Western District Police Station have a long tradition of physical violence against young Afro-American men where they commit assault at the beginning of the arrest and then take the person for a winding little ride through Druid Hill Park to bang their victim up in the paddy wagon as they flop around inside that steel box. Ask me how I know that! Where are the conscious brothers and sisters who understand that it’s time for revolution or extinction, and and that Be More is today’s focal point of backlash against USA genocide of the people? These new times call for response and resistance to the Holocaust of a Nazi replicate regime. I’m looking forward to the day we hear those so-called leaders announce who the real thugs are after an impartial, fair and true investigation so we can truly see that violence won’t be tolerated against others besides the poor public. Let’s see if the U.S. Justice Department talks about The Steel Box.

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