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Adam with the book that started The Brick City Movement.
Adam holding the book that started The Brick City Movement.


Brick City Author Sues Cory Booker in Supreme Court

by E. Adam Jackson

I gave my book to Cory Booker and he made it into a reality series – without my permission. What would you do if you wrote the book that started the Brick City Movement and a media-darling mayor and his Cablevision co-conspirators violated your copyright? Of course you would take them all to court!

That’s what I did – suing them in the United States Supreme Court for $21, 325, 828. Here’s why: I took my book to Mark Benjamin in New York City to discuss making a movie. I repeatedly mailed my book and publicity package to Lisa Durden; she had a show on Cablevision called “Brick City”.  I saw Cory Booker one night, walking down Market Street toward Newark Penn Station. I said to myself, “That’s Cory Booker.” He was walking by himself, with his shirt cuffs rolled up. So I went into my book bag and grabbed a Brick City. I got a business card out of my wallet. I stepped to the then-future mayor and senator, introduced myself and my book, and told him, “This is a gift.” Cory Booker was enthusiastically supportive in his words.

Some time later I heard there was a “Brick City” movie, starring Cory Booker. Produced by Mark Benjamin and Lisa Durden. My mother said, “Adam, I think Cory Booker and his friends stole your work!” A homeboy of mine who’d bought three of my books and had seen the so-called “reality” series seemed to think they were both my work. So I bought the DVD and checked it out.

I discovered 250 similarities, where 75 of the book’s 113 pages (66%) had similarity to the movie, including 93 character similarities, amounting to 2/5 of their movie content coming from my book. So I did what I had to do.

It’s been a long hard battle but I won’t let them rip me off. Keep watching and let’s see what the Supreme Court justices do. Let’s see if Cory Booker keeps hiding and makes me keep fighting him, Forest Whitaker, Lisa Durden, Mark Benjamin, Marc Levin, Evan Shapiro, Sundance Channel, Ed Carroll, Rainbow Media Holdings LLC, James Dolan, and Cablevision Systems Corporation. The Defendants have the media power. I have The Truth, my Main Evidence Similarities Lists, and my Video Evidence. To view the evidence and read more about the Brick City Copyright Infringement case, click the link in the side bar at left.

UPDATE: April 2016 AD, 21 years after The Million Man March – The Brick City Copyright Infringement Case was resubmitted to the Supreme Court.

In 2012 AD, after weaving through the U.S. Federal Court System without paying any money through the use of “in forma pauperis”, the Supreme Court corruptly put up obstacles to my justice. They knew that I had no job, that I would have $148 after paying bills, and had just gotten custody of my youngest child.

The Supreme Court also knew that I had strong evidence proving my Brick City book was ripped off to profit some of the most powerful people in the United States. Regardless, the Clerk of the Supreme Court demanded that I pay a $300 fee to sue millionaires and a billionaire. The Court insisted that I submit my papers in a 6 1/8-inch-by-9 1/4-inch format within 21 days.

So at that time I borrowed the money from my daughter’s college funds and sent what I could affford: 40 copies of my papers on normal, everyday, 8 ½ x 11-inch paper. The Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court sent me a letter saying I sent the wrong sized paper so they considered the case closed. But it ain’t closed. I’m gonna fight for what they owe me and my people.

The Brick City Copyright Infringement Case is open for further publicity and demands through legitimate means. Because I shouldn’t have to take an elected politician who represents me into The Supreme Court for violating my copyright and hijacking Brick City. The senator has sold out to corrupt capitalists the solution to the problems of the planet’s people as well as stolen from my family, kids and grandkids in one colossal copyright conspiracy.

Senator Booker should live up to the democratic-sounding sayings he is famous for. Forest Whitaker should show he really believes his positive-sounding tweets. The people need to know there is an answer to the racist oppression in this society. The masses must understand that the Illuminati-types have profitably made Brick City work for Illuminati-types. So let The People now get the Brick City shine. The violators suspiciously and genocidally hijacked the creative solution of Brick City from our citizens.

At the same time Cory and the Copyright Pirates treacherously turned Brick City against his own senatorial constituents by stealing the literary artwork  from its author, E. Adam Jackson. Then, as Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker participated in a scheme to enrich some media masters and some slaves of the 1% using literature stolen from an independent teacher and writer.

And Cory Booker’s a Democrat doing all this conspiracy and corruption! Our band, The Radikal Revolution, has a song about that political two-sides-of-the-same-coin issue with the Republicrats and the Demipublicans. It’s called “Odd Façade” — you can find it in the menu at left.

We also have a song called “Cory Booker, Where’s My Motherlovin’ Money?” (click on the button at top of page to hear; go to the menu at left to see musical slideshow). I’m spreading the word through every means possible. I’m battling those criminal copyright conspirators so citizens worldwide and students everywhere can see how the government responds to this chance to practice justice or genocide.

I’m giving the masses BRICK CITY as the solution to local, national, and international problems. I’m also artistically battling the corporate, political, and media elites through the official case I made to the Supreme Court of the United States.  I’m making my case online and in public. I expect the Court to protect me under the copyright laws of our nation. So far they have not done the right thing – which by their rules is to award me triple damages to deter other corporate powerhouses from strong-arming any artist’s work. So that would make it If fundamental U.S.   government bodies won’t obey our laws, then taxation without representation frames a revolutionary response that we the people must make.

Only through constant struggle of our citizens and our true representatives will this society be improved for the people. Only through dedicated action will the Age of Aquarius be ushered into being. And only through non-stop commitment will the “radical revolution” called for by Dr. King be realized.

Brick City is a vehicle to uplift the masses and the battle for the money they owe us continues. Indeed I ask: “Cory Booker, Where’s My Motherlovin’ Money?”

Please write Cory Booker at or call him at 202-224-3224 and tell him to pay Adam Jackson his money.  So Adam can take care of his family. So y’all can write plans for your Brick City businesses and products and I can give out grants to build our international Brick City economy.

Brick City will raise the people of the world out of their financial prisons by connecting us through what we already do or what we are ready to do, under the banner of Brick City. So keep watching for more Radical Creativity at Thanks!

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This page was updated on March 9, 2018 –  Year 23 After Million Man March.  “The struggle continues.”